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Bayou Designs, Inc.
founded in Slidell, Louisiana  70461 


Click to send me a message. I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!  ~Laurel Smith, Webmaster

Bayou Designs publishes and maintains a network of websites with various topics that are supported by advertising. 

Note that I am no longer taking new clients for website development. I am currently working with my existing clients and network only. Thanks.


I have several topics about which I publish, all of which are related to my every day life as a mom with kids:

Because I love to travel with my kids, I began writing about all the fun Road Trip Games and Car Travel Games for kids that we use when we ere on the road.  

When my kids were very young, I used to scour the internet to find deals and samples of Free Baby Stuff and Free Baby Coupons. Having kids was expensive, so any free diaper coupons I could find were like having gold!

As a smart saavy mom, I like to look good and have experimented a lot with makeup so I love to write about makeup tips and where to get free makeup samples.  

In my childhood I used to ride horses and have a pony of my own. I learned how to draw a horse head and like to share that knowledge with others. And just for fun I tried to include some printable horse pictures for other girls to enjoy as well. 

I also lived in New Orleans for a while and took lots of pictures of people wearing Mardi Gras costumes. It was a great way to get ideas for what to wear to Mardi Gras.

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