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Bayou Designs, Inc.
founded in Slidell, Louisiana  
I have contact info on my main website MomsMinivan. I don't always check it regularly, but I try.  ~Laurel Regnier, Webmaster

Bayou Designs publishes and maintains a network of websites with various topics that are supported by advertising. 

Note that I am no longer taking new clients for website development. I am currently working with my existing clients and network only. Thanks.


I have several topics about which I publish, all of which are related to my every day life as a mom with kids:

Because I love to travel with my kids, I began writing about all the fun Road Trip Games and Car Travel Games for kids that we use when we were on the road.  MomsMinivan is my personal website. Contact me there.

MomsMinivan.com - Car Games for Travel with Kids

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